We call Broderie D'Art the combination of various embroidery techniques combined with an artistic look. The primary ingredient is having both the imagination and the sensibility to mix techniques, materials and colors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Broderie D’Art, as the fusion of art and creativity create original and unusual textures and volumes.

Normally it is worked in a slate frame where the fabric is tight as a tambour and both your hands are free to do the work.

Among the main techniques that are used, you will find luneville embroidery, goldwork, ribbon embroidery, silk shading, stumpwork, blackwork, whitework, crewel embroidery, needlework and the application of crystals. Additionally, fabric manipulation has been applied to the art of Broderie D´Art and it provides a unique and unrepeatable element.

My intention is to show you the techniques, materials and combinations I enjoy the most and usually employ in my work; it is not by any means the only approach, like I said before, possibilities are endless and this should only be the start of your exploration of this art.

These courses will give you the opportunity to further explore what Broderie D’Art means and gain the confidence to create your own embroidery projects in the future.